Etiquette/Dress Code

Dance Apparel: 

Go to
click on "STUDENT" search our studio number "TP61547". There you will find the 2015/16 dress code and everything you will need. Choose a class on the list provided. CAREFULLY READ! There are notes in regards to color and other notes as well. Hope this helps everyone find what they need!! Happy shopping.

**This is only one of many options to buy dance apparel. This website is economical and an easy way to see what your child needs for class**


Rules and Regulations


  • When enrolled, each student is in their class indefinitely. To withdraw from class, a written notice is required and needs to be on file before the first of the month when tuition is assessed. You will be charged for each additional month until notice is received from said student.

  • A $80 recital fee. JBSD has an annual recital at Lewis and Clark community college at the end of July.

  • This recital fee does not include costumes. Costume fees are separate. The recital fee is nonrefundable once paid. No refunds will be given for costumes.

  • A late fee of $10/student will be charged if dance tuition is not received by SSP the 10th of each month.

  • Students will not be allowed to participate in class if more than 30 days past due as tuition is due the first of each month.

  • There is no pro-rating of monthly dance tuition.

  • EFT payment method will be processed the 1st day of each month, or the next processing day if day falls on a bank holiday or weekend when processing is not available.

  • A $25 additional charge will be charged for insufficient funds in a bank account, either by EFT or physical check for dance tuition; and payment of $25 additional charge and insufficient fund amount must be made to SSP in cash.

  • Credit card payments or automatic withdrawal is available for tuition payments.

  • If paying cash or check please hand into the front desk, if the attendant is away from the front desk, please use the JBSD envelope provided. Please put your tuition payment in the JBSD tuition box.

  • This box is found next to the JBSD information board.

  • There is no prorating of monthly dance tuition.

  • If an instructor is unable to be at their class a substitute teacher will be provided.


Every student is to be appropriately dressed for dance and is expected to behave throughout the facility in a discipline, responsible, and courteous manner. Excessive talking or unfriendly behavior is not conducive to a healthy learning environment. Jennifer Bishop's school of Dance reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose attitude, attendance or conduct is found unsatisfactory.

All student should visit the restroom prior to class. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUNGER DANCERS.

Everyone is expected to be courteous to each other (i.e. parents, students, teachers, and staff). Rude behavior may lead to removal from class.

Please respect the studio space. Running in the halls, climbing on barres, loud voices, peeking into the studio, etc. is all unacceptable behavior.

Please wait in the appropriate waiting rooms for your student. NO parents are allowed in the classrooms during instruction. If you need to retrieve your child, please knock and wait for the instructor to let you know you it is ok to enter.

Please clean up after yourself in the waiting areas. Trash, food containers etc. Please be courteous.

Please bring a water bottle to class, hydration is very important.

Dancers should never wear their dance shoes outside and should always wear cover ups outside of the studio (i.e. shirts, shorts, etc).

Missing classes not only affect your dancer, it also affects the class as a whole. Attendance is very important.

HOMEWORK AREA-JBSD offers a homework area in the computer lab. This is a quite area. Please respect the students.


Please walk younger students into the facility.

For students that are dropped off, parents/guardians need to ensure that they make it into the building.


Please pick your child up in a timely manner. Your child's instructor is required to stay with the last student until pick up, however, you will be charged $15 for every 15 minutes you are late.


Attendance is vital to the development and progression of all students.

ALL dancers are required to be in classes and attend any and all rehearsals the week of recital.


Miss Jenn will place ALL students in the classes that are appropriate for their age and skill level.  This is imperative for the development and progression of each student as well as for the progression and flow of each class. You will be provided with the required classes (if applicable) for each student as well as strongly recommended classes. These class schedules are designed to give each student the most appropriate level of education for their current skill set.

At home practice is a non-negotiable expectation of participating in ANY sport, including dance. Failure to do so will prevent students from achieving their goals (i.e. moving to higher levels, solo choreography, etc).

Students are expected to be caught up on technique, choreography and formations prior to the next class they attend if they miss class or rehearsal. They can do this by meeting with a fellow classmate. Teamwork is the key to success!


The following dress code applies to ALL classes (recreational, competitive and private lessons), unless otherwise noted:

Students must have dance attire on during classes no shorts and T-shirts.

Leotards of any color, sports bras of any color, booty shorts of any color, tights of any color, and dance tanks.

Dancers MUST wear appropriate dance shoes in order to participate in classes. If your dancer does not have the appropriate shoes they will have to set out and watch the class.

All students must bring a dance bag to dance every week with the following:

All dance shoes, extra dance apparel, water bottles and personal items such as Band-Aids, bobby pins, and hair ties.

Hair must be securely tied up for every class in any style that does NOT have loose hair (i.e. bun, french braid, etc). Loose hair is a safety hazard. Students will not be allowed to participate in class if this precaution is not taken.


  • Jewelry (very small stud earrings are ok)

  • Gum

  • Cell phones (three strikes and you’re out...if a student is caught with a cell phone three times, they will be removed from all classes and competitive teams, if applicable

  • One hour Ballet Classes- Black Leotard any style and pink tights. Black Booty shorts, chiffon skirts, and pink ballet shoes.