Construction has begun on the New Wellness Center!

We are extremely excited that the project underway. We want to inform you on how parking and logistics of the project are going to work:

  • All vehicles will use the existing exit for entrance and exiting of parking lot.
  • Site work will be done first in phases with the back parking lot being cleared first and rock being put down.
  • Fencing will be installed around where the building is being constructed.
  • Footing and foundation will start in August.
  • PLEASE BE PATIENT, this is going to be a process.
  • Entrances at the North End and the Wellness Center entrance will be unavailable.
  • Patrons will need to use the south end café entrance and the front entrance.


We have an onsite construction superintendent who we will communicate needs with. Please be considerate of their time and do not distract them. Please contact Jonathan Becker with any questions @ 618-465-3298 ext. 117.

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First Day of Construction, How Exciting After a Long Wait!

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We are a non-profit 501 C-3 United Way agency established to help enrich the lives of older adults through programs and services that encourage independent living.

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