FAQs on Foster Grandparent Program

How old do I have to be to volunteer in the program?

You must be 55 years or older.

Where can I volunteer?

You may volunteer at schools and day cares throughout Madison, Macoupin, Marion, and Clinton Counties.

How many hours a week must a volunteer work?

You must work between 15-40 hours per week.

What is the hourly stipend?


How does it affect my income taxes?

Your stipend is not required to be reported on your income taxes.

Will the stipend money affect my other benefits?

No, all other benefits are not affected by this program.

What are the income eligibility guidelines?

Volunteers can not exceed 200% poverty level.

What if I am over income to qualify for the program?

SSP may be able to reduce your income by offsetting ongoing medical expenses.

What are the requirements to become a volunteer?

There are no degree requirements for volunteering; all that is required is a commitment to helping children in need.  However, all volunteers must pass an FBI fingerprint check, IL State Police check, and a National Sex Offenders Registry check.

How much does the background check cost?

The background checks cost the volunteers nothing.  They are paid for by the Foster Grandparent Program.

What happens if I get hurt while volunteering?

We provide each volunteer with Supplemental Liability Insurance.  In case of an accident or injury the insurance would cover any expenses not paid for by your primary insurance.

Where does the volunteering take place?

Volunteers are assigned to a school or daycare, which is where they go each day.  Volunteers are not allowed to be in contact with the children outside of the school day.

What can I expect on a regular day of volunteering?

You will interact with children in a classroom setting, encourage good study habits, read to children, and act as a role model and mentor.

What if I don't have transportation to the school or daycare?

You may be eligible to receive transportation through a local senior center or transportation company.  You can also carpool with other FGP volunteers.

How much will I be reimbursed for driving to and from the school each day?

We currently reimburse mileage at .40 per mile up to 50 miles per week.

What if I prefer to volunteer at a specific school or daycare?

We ask if you have a preference of schools and if they have an opening and it would be a good fit we try to place you at the school you requested.

What kind of training will I receive?

Once you are accepted into the program you will go through an Orientation Training.  You will also attend paid In-Service trainings each month.  The teacher or staff member at your school with guide you on your day-to-day activities.

How do I apply to be a Foster Grandparent?

Contact our office at 618-463-0067 during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday 8:00-4:00pm.