Ombudsman Program

SSP is proud to now be home to the area Ombudsman program. The Ombudsman program was developed to provide advocacy for those seniors and disabled adults who reside in long-term care facilities and is required in each state by the federal government. This program helps residents get relief from abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and inadequate living conditions and gives them a voice to assist them in getting the type of care that they need. This program also works to encourage long-term care facilities to adopt a more resident-centered approach that gives residents more choices and creates a more home like atmosphere. The Ombudsman program also provides facility and community education, supports resident and family councils, and advocates for legislation that improves on the rights of long-term facility residents.

At SSP we cover the St. Louis Metro East counties that includes all long-term care facilities in Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, St. Clair, and Washington counties in Illinois. We have four full-time Ombudsman’s including two at SSP in Alton and two in our Belleville office. Complaints and concern from residents or others can call 800-322-4049 to make a report.

To find out more or to see if you qualify, you may visit the Illinois Department of Aging’s website here.


Pictured above: Tracie Ramel-Smith, Community Ombudsman and Christopher Sutton, Regional Ombudsman