Class Schedule



  • A.M. ATTACK: Get a jumpstart on your day by getting your workout done early in the morning. This class includes a full body workout by combining high intensity intervals with strength training to increase strength and cardiovascular endurance so you can succeed in all your fitness goals.
  • BAD BACK CLUB: Combination of core and back stretching and strengthening.
  • BODY BAR:This class focuses on a high intensity, full body workout with the use of a weighted bar.  Defines and strengthens your arms and legs.
  • CHAIR EXERCISE: Chair exercising focuses on increasing strength and endurance through low intensity, seated exercise using resistance tools such as hand weights, exercise bands and resistance balls. Similar to Riverbenders and Silver Sneaker classes.
  • CIRCUIT TRAINING: This class uses a combination of moderate to high intensity exercises that are done in short increments. This workout is used to get the most out of your workout in a short amount of time.
  • CROSS TRAINING: High intensity workout to develop strength and power through improving compound motions such as; power clean, deadlift, and overhead squat.  A combination of high intensity cardio conditioning and strength motions to improve overall motor function.
  • GET FIT: Designed for able-bodied individuals, our Get Fit incorporates cardiovascular and strength training with balance and flexibility for overall fitness improvement.
  • KETTLE BELL: Full body dynamic work out using a kettle bell develops functional strength and a heart pumping cardiovascular & anaerobic workout.  
  • NIGHT CREW (PLUS): Weight lifting class opened to all individuals—male and female—any age. Offered 3 days a week to fit your schedule better. Set goals and learn proper technique for squat, bench press, deadlift and other free weight exercises.
  • POWER YOGA: Torch calories, tone, strengthen and rinse your body, clear your mind and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. 
  • T'AI CHI FUNDAMENTALS: This class includes gentle movements and exercises that may improve mobility, breathing and relaxation. Many benefits for all levels, this class is good for those just returning to physical activity and those with limited balanceor flexibility.
  • RANGE OF MOTION: The RANGE OF MOTION is an exercise and relaxation program designed for people with pain and other physical limitations. Combining medically recommended range-of- motion (ROM) exercises with mind/body principles of t'ai chi, the seven minute routine is easy to learn and can be performed both sitting and standing. FREE to everyone.
  • RIVERBENDERS: Achair exercise class executed while seated in a chair providing cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits. This is a low impact, low to moderate intensity cardio workout. Perfect for those who suffer from sore or injured joints, those rehabilitating from joint surgery, or those who have problems with their balance.
  • SILVERSNEAKERS: This class is a chair exercise class that is open to all members. Healthways Silver Sneakers Fitness Program is a comprehensive older-adult physical activity program that addresses the needs of the Medicare (usually 65+) population. SilverSneakers members sponsoring health plan receive a basic membership that includes the opportunity to participate in Silver Sneakers group exercise classes.
  • SPINNING: Indoor cycling. This class uses high intensity intervals to create an indoor biking experience to increase cardiovascular endurance, burn calories, and pump up your workout.
  • YOGA: Yoga uses exercises that improve balance, strength and flexibility while offering stress reduction. These exercises are based on traditional poses that work on balance, flexibility, breathing, and meditation.
  • ZUMBA: Fun and high energy, this class combines easy to follow moves based on traditional Latin dance steps. You CAN move like that and you will LOVE it!
  • ZUMBA GOLD: This class isall the fun of Zumba but lower impact. Great for beginners and those looking for a lower intensity Zumba class. 
  • *ROCK STEADY BOXING: This boxing program is designed to help fight back against Parkinson's disease!  This light to moderate exercise group aids in staving off the progression of symptoms or advancement of Parkinson's disease through fun, non-contact boxing!
  • Balance & Flexibility DUO: A class designed to help you maintain and/or improve your balance though skill based movements and key stretches to improve flexibility.
  • SSP Suspension Training: Burn calories, improve muscular strength, stability and improve your posture with these intense callisthenic routines using unique equipment.
  • Nia Fusion Fitness: Have fun and get healthy, aerobic exercises that incorporate fundamentals from many different art forms such as martial arts, dance and healing arts.