FAQs for Day & Extended Trips

How many trips are scheduled throughout the year?

We plan eight extended trips and one international trip per year. We also take one day trip each month. If for the most up-to-date trip information SIGN UP for our E-Newsletter.

How do I sign up for a day or extended trip?

A: There are 3 main ways to sign up for a trip with Senior Services Plus:

1) In person at our Center 2603 N Rodgers Ave. Alton, Il.

2) Over the Phone: (618) 465-3298

3) By Email: [email protected]

When do I pay for a trip?

A: A deposit is required at the time of registration for extended trips. Final due date for the remainder of the payment is approximately 90 days prior to extended trips departure.

Full payment is due at the time of registration for a day trips.

What is included in my cost?

A: For most trips, your main meals are provided. Generally, lunch is not included. Any scheduled activity during the trip is included in your cost as well as overnight hotel accommodations.

What precautions should be taken before embarking on an extended trip?

A: We encourage the option to purchase insurance for any trip with the Travel Confident® Protection Plan. However, options do vary depending on the trip. All options will be provided to you by your Group Leader. The price is based on your reservation price, and the travel company used.

When do I find out the final details of the trip?

Approximately 30 days prior to the trip, your Group Leader will mail you a complete itinerary explaining what you will need to know, including weather information and tips for packing. For some trips a pre-departure meeting will be held.

Where do we leave from on the first day?

Trips leave from two locations: Macy’s parking lot at Alton Square Mall, and the YMCA of O’Fallon, IL off US Hwy 50 (if 8 or more travelers need to be picked up from there).

What travel providers do you work with?

Our provider varies with each trip but previously we have worked with Collette Tours, Diamond Tours, Vandalia Bus Lines, Cavallo Bus Lines, and Doc and Norm Direct.

What should I expect during a bus tour?

Upon boarding a bus tour, two trained chaperones will explain the itinerary and answer any questions you may have. A packet of info is provided with information on the pre-planned stops during your trip. During the trip, guests are able to sightsee, shop, and immerse themselves in the culture of the area. Guests are allowed “comfort stops” every few hours, and no bus tour has lasted over three days on a one way trip.

What are the physical requirements for travel?

Each traveler must be able to navigate on and off the bus. You may take walkers and wheelchairs, but chaperones will not push or manage wheelchairs

What are the luggage restrictions?

Space is limited for each tour. Each traveler is allowed one carry-on item (not over 36’’), one personal item such as a purse or tote, and one large suitcase. Suitcase weight restrictions vary by travel agency

How do I guarantee a specific seat during the trip?

A seat is chosen for you based on your boarding pass. The earlier you sign up for a trip, the more likely you are to get the seat of your choice. There are some instances where a traveler must require a handicap seat. 

For more information call us: (618) 465-3298